Student/Mentors Corner

Citizen DiplomatsIf you are a student or a mentor to a student studying foreign affairs, political science, or international business we want to hear from you about your experience. For students, we’d like to hear about your impressions of the courses, the instructors, everything. For mentors, we’d like to know how you view the entire student/mentor/school relationship. The purpose being to help the education community get a better idea of which adjustments it should consider making to improve the entire experience AND to encourage more student/mentor relationships.

Every year, hundreds of people take the foreign service entrance exam, and every year, a few are selected, but most are rejected. The ones who make it to the rank order list are to be congratulated, but it’s our opinion that the ones who don’t ought to be helped.

If you are a former foreign service officer and would like to offer your time to help counsel and mentor one of those who didn’t quite make it to the rank order list, please contact us at

If you are a recent foreign service exam applicant and would like to correspond with or just get some advice from a former foreign service officer, please send us a message and we’ll try to link you up with one. If you’d like to include your resumé (pdf file only, please), we’d be happy to post it on our site. Send your email to: